Hey there! 

I’m Becky Jane, the Clinical Nutritionist behind this health blog. 

I was in your shoes about 5 years ago, searching the web, desperately trying to find answers to my health struggles; some small and some (really) big!

I was depressed, anxious, bloated, moody, constantly fatigued and confused with why I had an autoimmune disease at 18, after living what I thought a fairly healthy life. I was offered temporary fixes and pharmaceutical drugs, but I passed them up, knowing there was a reason for it (there always is).

It was in my gap year that I set out to find optimal wellness again.

Alongside a holistic health professional, I corrected years long nutrient deficiencies and hormone imbalances, cleaned up my diet (big time!), healed my gut and started to move my body not to look better, but to feel better. Because the truth is, you probably couldn’t tell the depth of what I was going through on the outside. But I felt out of sorts in every way possible on the inside.

Flash forward 5 years and I’m sitting here at my computer, green tea in hand, and a degree in nutritional medicine behind me, and I can hardly remember what it felt like to feel so… meh!

While I am a true foodie at heart, I have a huge passion for nutritional biochemistry and using nutrients to correct imbalances in the body and promote healing from the ground up. If our body literally runs off nutrients, it makes sense to utilise them when a pathway or a function needs supporting.

Don’t get me wrong, long term sustainable health comes from eating real, whole food. No fad will ever replace that. But I’m also a realist and when we start to look at the quality of our soils and food combined with our stressful, fast paced lifestyle, nutritional medicine is seriously the future! So I encourage you to give it a try!

True health is so much more than just surviving each day and not 'getting sick'. Health is about thriving and living out our purpose to its full potential because we’re in the best physical and mental state.  

Imagine what we could do if our energy or mood or that time of the month weren’t dictating our decisions, actions and dreams.

I am believing this same healing over your life. I’m here to help in every way I can! 

Becky Jane x



Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine)


Australian Natural Therapies Association  (ANTA)

5 Facts about Becky Jane

1. I'm 23 and married to my childhood best friend (who happens to be one VERY talented film maker)

2. I'm a big fan of minimalism and thrive on simplicity and living with intention.

3. I grew up in Tasmania, before moving to the Gold Coast (and yes, you should go, it's the most beautiful place!)

4. I have the most beautiful little boy, Archie Theodore. You can watch our natural brith story here

5. When I'm not working with clients or on here, I love tagging alongside my husband on his travels, cafe hopping and riding to our local beach.