How to Improve your Memory Recall

Iv’e always thought a dedicated study area was the way to go come study time. However, research suggests that changing the environment while trying to study can actually help retain information. Gone are the days of sitting at your desk in your dark room, trying to memorise information, only to be on Netflix ten minutes later... we’ve all been there. A study posted in the New York Times found that college students who studied in two different rooms performed better than those who studied the same thing in the one room. Studying in various spaces slows down the forgetting process and assists in retaining information. I know many freelance and small business owners who experience the same work efficiency when they get out of their normal living environment as well.


So where will you go to work?

  • If i’m at home, I go where the sun is - I tend to focus better in a warm environment with plenty of natural light (unless it’s the middle of summer)
  • When it comes to simply memorising information like going through flash cards, I love sitting outside on the grass to get some fresh air and vitamin D (an essential vitamin students tend not to get enough of).
  • If you’re a cafe addict like me, I love bringing my laptop, paper and pen to any cafe with wifi available. If you buy a drink, they usually don't mind if you stick around for an hour or two. I'll often put in my earphones in and zone out, but if you're easily distracted, this may not be the best option for you ;)

The brain takes in more of our environment than we probably realise and makes many subconscious connections. So when you feel trapped at your desk, it may actually be helpful to get out and have a change of scenery. Come exam time, when you're starring at your finals paper, or maybe a blank wall, try picturing yourself in the space you have studied that material in. You’ll be surprised at what might come back to you when you need it.

Happy studying!


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how to improve your memory
how to improve your memory
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