5 Reasons your Diet affects your Skin

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If you want healthy, glowing skin, it really does start from within. Skin issues can be complex - from hormonal imbalances, food intolerances, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation and leaky gut just to name a few. No matter what the underlying cause is though, nutrition will always plays a vital role. Even if your skin only improves a little bit, switching some of these foods for a healthier alternative will benefit your health anyway!  

1. Processed Foods and Sugar

These are pro-inflammatory, which aggravates inflammatory conditions like acne. Switch from the white stuff to medjool dates or raw honey for a sweetener (everything in moderation though) and go for fruit over packet foods for a snack. Also, opt for unprocessed whole grains, like brown rice and quinoa instead of white pasta and bread.

2. Dairy

Not only are a lot of people intolerant to it, but dairy can cause spikes in pimple-producing hormones (sounds lovely doesn’t it). This study found correlation between milk consumption and acne in adolescent girls and explains the biochemical mechanisms. Try switching to rice, coconut or a nut milk (like my almond milk) and ditch anything containing 'milk solids'. It's important to avoid all dairy products initially, then reintroduce low reactive sources such as yoghurt slowly back in after a month. If your skin issues return, be mindful dairy may be a problem food for you.

3. Coffee

I see that face cringe… I know, unfortunately you can’t even have decaff. It’s a certain organic acid in the coffee bean that increase androgens, which stimulate sebaceous glands leading to inflammation. It’s not always the case, but can be a big contributor for some. Switch to green or herbal teas or try one of the many new 'latte' alternatives like turmeric or matcha.

4. Wheat

Refined, commercial brands contain added sugar and preservatives, which can trigger inflammatory proteins. Additionally, gluten sensitivity is on the rise and has been found to trigger breakouts in certain people. There are great tasting alternatives, like organic spelt and rye or gluten free breads like millet and sorghum from your local health food shop.

5. Not Enough Water

Simple yet so effective. No matter how many creams you use, your skin won't glow unless it's hydrated. I love incorporating hot water with 1/2 a squeezed lemon 1/2 an hour before breakfast. It's rich in vitamin C which the skin loves while also firing up the digestive system.


Keep your eyes peeled for a post on skin nourishing foods and nutrients!

Becky Jane x