The Post-Pill Skin Solution

The Post-Pill Skin Solution


A 6 week holistic protocol to ease the transition off brith control, prevent post-pill acne and re-balance your hormones.

Imagine waking up everyday with clear, glowing skin naturally. Discover the root cause of your skin complaints and hormone imbalances in The Post-Pill Skin Solution and learn how to treat your symptoms holistically. No matter your skin journey, this book can help you in more ways than one. Read below to see if this protocol is the perfect fit for you.

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This Book is for you If:

  • You started brith control to for your acne and now you want to find out how you can heal your skin, naturally.

  • You are thinking about going on the pill for your acne, but want to know your other options first.

  • You have just come off the pill for whatever reason and now have Post-Pill acne.

  • You want to revert Post Pill acne when you come decide to come off birth control.

  • You want clear and deep insight into healing the skin naturally and not another ‘10 tips for glowing skin’ blog post. 

What’s Inside?

  • The 10 nutrient deficiencies caused by the pill

  • Healing pill-induced Leaky Gut Syndrome

  • Re-firing the liver for hormone balance

  • The 4 main environmental causes of acne

  • Evidence based topical skin support

  • Non-hormonal contributors to acne

  • The 3 common hormone imbalances that cause aggressive acne (including a symptom checklist)

  • Choosing quality supplements and dosages specific to acne treatment

  • Skin loving Product recommendations

  • Recipes and resources to support you on this journey

  • A step by step guide on how to transition off the pill safely to minimise rebound acne

  • Plus a customisable outline of your new daily routine to support hormone harmony and skin health

It can be daunting to think about coming off the pill or healing your skin naturally. With this book, you don’t have to guess your way through it or waste precious time and money experimenting with different products. Learn and implement the foundations your skin needs to thrive to prevent and heal Post-pill and hormonal acne - your skin will thank you!